Monday, February 20, 2012

Pip and Posy: Axel Scheffler

With a thick soft cover and stiff pages, Pip and Posy will scoot right into your totz' hearts. Showing basic concepts, manners, and feelings, the two characters will likely become fast favorites.

In The Super Scooter, Pip hits the park with his scooter, and Posy wants a turn. She takes it and eventually falls. Pip kindly cares for her, and Posy apologizes. All is restored with a hug and a shared ride home.

In Pip and Posy The Little Puddle, you've guessed it. Pip gets so involved in play, he doesn't stop to use the bathroom. Posy is kind. She says, "Everyone has accidents sometimes." She cleans up and loans Pip a change of clothes. After a day of play and a successful use of the potty, it's bath time!

Axel Scheffler is spot on with his portrayal of strife and trial in the lives of totz. Both the illustrations and stories of Pip and Posy are honest and endearing. Share these two releases from Nosy Crow!

Pip and Posy The Super Scooter
Pip and Posy The Little Puddle
by Axel Scheffler
Nosy Crow, 2011

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