Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Hello, World: How Do Apples Grow? and Ocean Life

The series Hello, World introduces How Do Apples Grow? and Ocean Life, both written and illustrated by Jill McDonald. Readertotz will be introduced to science and nature concepts in this durable board book series.

How Do Apples Grow? walks the first reader from seed to ripe apple.

"In spring, buds on its branches open into pink and white flowers. Each flower will become an apple."

The work concludes: "Good things are worth waiting for!"

In Ocean Life, McDonald continues her bright, cheerful illustrations and invites the first reader to, "Dive in and take a look!"

"Whales are the giants of the ocean. A blue whale can grow to be as long as two school buses! Whales breathe air through a blowhole on their head."

After the overview of sea life, the reader is encouraged to choose their own underwater favorite.

Hello, World is a strong addition to the first science book category.

Hello, World
How Do Apples Grow?
Ocean Life
by Jill McDonald

Monday, March 4, 2019

Hello Honeybees: Hannah Rogge

Give a little love to our precious honeybees with Hello HoneyBees from Chronicle Books. Hannah Rogge's text introduces the life and work of the honeybee, while Emily Dove's illustrations include two puzzle piece bees, attached by ribbons, to play in pages cut in the shape of a hive.

Little fingers can speed the bees about the garden to collect pollen, mimic the wiggle dance, and build the honeycomb. Then, busy bees can begin again.

Lets share our love and appreciation for our bees with our readertotz. This is a beautiful board book that does just that and more.

Hello Honeybees
by Hannah Rogge
illustrated by Emily Dove
Chronicle Books, 2019

Friday, March 1, 2019

Poetry Friday: Wake Up, Color Pup

Wake Up, Color Pup is a gleeful, energetic look at dawn for a little white puppy. Bouncing with rhyme, the pup bounds outside into yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and green. He meets little animals, insects, and a fish along the way as he follows a bird. The colors collect on his coat, until:


The rain falls, and all pup's color is washed away. He shivers in the dark gray until finding all the colors in a puddle. With a roll and a shake, the world is awake again with color.

Here is a beautiful introduction and celebration of colorful life. Happy Poetry Friday!

Wake Up, Color Pup
by Taia Morley
Random House Children's Books, 2019