Monday, January 25, 2021

Eat Up, Bear! Terry Pierce

We can share our spaces. Eat Up, Bear! describes how people and bears can coexist. Campers can latch their boxes, hikers can pack their food out, coolers can be locked, and folks can throw away their trash. The repeating refrain is fun and catchy:

"There, there. Eat up, bear!
Good bear food is everywhere."

Teach your first readers good outdoor behavior as they learn to share their spaces with wildlife. Support Yosemite Conservancy with this upcoming, helpful title. 

by Terry Pierce
illustrated by Nadja Sarell
Yosemite Conservancy, April 2021

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

More, more, more: My First Day

There's so much beauty in this upcoming picture book. My First Day takes the reader down the Mekong Delta to school as a Vietnamese boy paddles alone through the waters. Similarities and differences of experiences blend in the common feelings shared for walking or boating through firsts. How can you not marvel at this hero's journey through rain, forests, and waves? 

The cover possesses the soar into the the future, but I find it doesn't fully capture the richness of other illustrations. The interior holds a stunning light you don't want to miss. This is a top pick from publisher Make Me a World, and the author and illustrator team Phung Nguyen Quang and Huynh Kim Lien. Brilliant! 

written and illustrated by 
Phung Nguyen Quang
and Huynh Kim Lien
Make Me a World, February 16, 2021

Monday, January 11, 2021

Baby Raccoon, Finger Puppet Book: Yu-Hsuan Huang


There's an absolute zoo of these titles available for your readertotz. The series is from Chronicle Books, and illustrations are by Yu-Hsuan Huang. They are adorable and sturdy and with soft faces of the featured animal. Nonfiction facts accompany the puppet and illustrations.

"When Baby Raccoon and his family have a meal,
they wash their food in the stream.

When Baby Racoon plays,
he romps and rolls with his sister."

You can introduce your first readers to wildlife with this fun series. Expect puppet hugs and kisses.

illustrated by Yu-Hsuan Huang
Chronicle Books