Thursday, February 9, 2012

February: For the Older Sibling, Where is Strawberry Mermaid Moshi?

How can you not love Strawberry Mermaid Moshi? I was smitten the instant I saw her! But then I'm a fan of all things kawaii, or "cute" in Japanese. Think Hello Kitty. Now think of the game book Where's Waldo. Look:

This double-page spread shows the busy kitchen. Everyone is working to prepare for the wedding banquet. The charge is to find the main character and the others listed along the bottom of the page, along with a few trinkets. The older siblings of your totz will spend hours pouring over the pages to find Strawberry Mermaid Moshi as she gets married.

The digitally illustrated book was originally published in Japan as Usacollie Friends, Ichigo-Ningyo Wo Sagase! The characters were first manufactured as gift shop good luck charms. Now they appear in their own oversize paperback picture books. Also available are Where is Strawberry Moshi? and Where is Strawberry Princess Moshi? Why am I all of the sudden hungry for some mochi...

Where is Strawberry Mermaid Moshi?
Candlewick Press, 2011

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