Friday, May 17, 2019

Poetry Friday: Peek-A-Boo Zoo

Lift-the-flaps to see who is playing peek-a-boo this Poetry Friday!

"I am a cool bird.
I waddle and slide.
In the ice-cold sea,
I swim and glide.

Guess who?"

Look for Peek-A-Boo Farm as well. Happy reading!

Peek-A-Boo Zoo
by Joyce Wan
Cartwheel Books

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Top Shelf: Maybe Tomorrow?

This is my favorite picture book of 2019, so far! I place it in the "perfect picture book" category.

"I miss Little Bird," said Elba.
"I miss her, too," said Norris.
"But you didn't know her."
"No, but you are my friend, so I can help you miss her."

Elba is dragging a big block behind her while Norris dances everywhere, surrounded by butterflies. Elba's heavy block makes her slowly walk and "think darkly." The block isn't fun. Something sad is waiting to come out, according to Norris. Maybe tomorrow it will, says Elba.

As the two friends spend time together, and the butterflies help tote the block, the sadness is shared and held. The block does grow smaller, but Elba accepts she will always have it, and Norris commits to helping her carry it.

Elba's block represents the death of Little Bird, but as you explore this work with your first readers, the block might also be any loss. This gem is a blessing to our shelves and us, regardless of age. Paired with Charlotte Agell's text is Ana Ramirez Gonzalez's art which manages to carry both characters' emotions beautifully. I hope Maybe Tomorrow? is found, given the chance to comfort, and passed forward. Brilliant!

Maybe Tomorrow?
by Charlotte Agell
illustrated by Ana Ramirez Gonzalez
Scholastic Press, 2019