Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bob The Artist: Marion Deuchars

Bob appreciates his FINE legs, until he's teased about them. Unsuccessfully, he tries to change them and eventually just hides them. That is until he visits an art gallery. Inspired, he draws attention to his beak by painting it daily. With affirmation for his creativity, he grows confident and finally accepts his legs. And everyone else does, too.

Refusing to be cowed, the reader is emboldened to express herself further and gain self acceptance, possibly changing others' opinions. This is a fresh look at empowerment. Here is the gift of art to impact another, encourage expression, and change lives.

Marion Deuchars' illustrations are endearing in their simplicity. The color palette pops of Matisse. Publisher Laurence King believes in this book. Top quality presentation in every detail proves it.

This is one of my favorite picture books of the year, so far. I love Bob The Artist. You likely will, too. Skinny legs and all.

Bob The Artist
by Marion Deuchars
Lawrence King, 2016

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I'm a Monster Truck: Dennis R. Shealy

I'm back from my trip to the Middle East, and one of the first things I heard is that there's a readertot who likes monster trucks. "Do you have a book on them you could recommend?" Well, I do!

I'm a Monster Truck by Dennis R. Shealy just came to my attention.

"I smash!
I bash!
I love the sound
of breaking glass!
'Cause I'm a...

Bob Staake's zany graphic imagery is perfect to capture the atmosphere of a monster truck event. Between Shealy's text and Staake's illustration, your totz will feel as if they are in the stands. Sure to be a hit with lovers of locomotion, look for I'm a Monster Truck.

I'm a Monster Truck
by Dennis R. Shealy
illustrated by Bob Staake
Random House, 2011, 2016