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Grover effectively reduces the Nativity story to quippy rhyming phrases in this padded board book, whose cozy mood is bolstered by Parry’s soft, gauzy-looking digital artwork. “Carry Mary,” reads the opening spread as Joseph leads a donkey down a road as birds, butterflies, and a rabbit dance around the couple. From there, they land in the “safe place” of the stable, celebrate “boy joy” when Jesus is born, and enjoy a little “swaddle, coddle” before visitors arrive, having followed the “far star” in the night sky. It’s a simple, punchy, and jubilant retelling. Ages 4–8. (Oct.)PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

While adoring birds, butterflies, and barnyard animals look on, Mary and Joseph make their way to a stable to welcome baby Jesus. When he arrives, he is greeted into the world by an angel, shepherds, wise men, and God who sends "Love from above" in the symbol of a shining star. The simple structure of this board book, with two or three rhyming words per illustration, makes it perfect for toddlers. It's also lovely to look at, with its bright palette, soft edges, and gently rounded, cartoon figures. VERDICT A delightful Nativity story to show very little ones, not to mention a great stocking stuffer.—Rita Law, Los Angeles Public Library SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Readers follow the adventures of a golden yellow lion cub from daybreak to nightfall. Grover narrates the cub’s journey in punchy couplets (“We run free./ So much to see./ Grasses sway./ I lead the way”) as he pounces after a brown bird (who doesn’t seem to mind all that much), rests under a tree with his lioness mother, and tussles with another small lion." 

A day-in-the-life tale of a lion cub and his mother. From morning until night, the little wild cat enjoys pouncing, playing, exploring and preening while his momma looks on and offers a helping paw when needed. The youngster encounters a fellow cub and a couple of meerkats before hunkering down with momma for the night. Each double-page spread (on thinner-than-normal board-book stock) provides a different view of the grassland setting in both bright and muted earth tones. Kightley’s paintings, which have the look of acrylic on canvas, are deft at capturing the sunny yellow cub and his playmate in motion. This is a kinder and gentler savanna. While the little feline appears to stalk a bird under his mother’s guidance, this feathered friend does not become a meal on subsequent pages. In gentle rhyming couplets meted out in one or two couplets per page, the first-person-narrator cub describes the action: “We run free. / So much to see. / Grasses sway. / I lead the way.”  
As realism is not the object here, these lions are cute, cuddly and toothless, safe for sharing a crib with baby. (Board book. 1-3)


Publishers Weekly
"Utterly serene from start to finish."

Parents Magazine
20 Best Children's Books, 2009

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Virtual Book Drive Selection, 2013

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 "Lorie Ann Grover explores the power of a hug and how some of the best hugs don't even need to use arms -- just love." Amanda's Parenting Preschoolers Blog


Publishers Weekly
"Thick black lines and solid swathes of color make this a joyful celebration for parent and child."

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Unknown said...

Good afternoon Joan and Lorie,

I'm emailing from Meze Publishing. I was hoping I would be able to send you a copy of The Orangutan Who Sang, a children's picture book we are releasing. This is the first book in a series designed for children to have fun whilst subconsciously addressing issues that may have been on their minds.

The book follows Olly the shy, singing orangutan on his journey to finding acceptance in the jungle. If you connect with the book it would be great if you could review it for your blog!

Let me know if you would like me to send you a copy.

Thanks very much