Monday, September 26, 2016

My Very First Mother Goose: Iona Opie and Rosemary Wells

My Very First Mother Goose Cover

How wonderful! The Twentieth Anniversary Edition of My Very First Mother Goose, edited by Iona Opie and illustrated by Rosemary Wells, is being released! In four chapters, the rhymes are collected and shared in a large format. Readertotz are going to love falling into the phrases and big imagery.

As Iona notes in her introduction, Mother Goose knows of human nature. She shows us the beautiful world we are all a part of. Her rhymes give us answers and encouragements in so many situations. Rosemary Wells fills the scene, and with a line, she conveys layers of emotion.

I shared this first with my own readertotz. Now, to the next generation...

My Very First Mother Goose
edited by Iona Opie
illustrated by Rosemary Wells
Candlewick Press, 2016

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I Love Music: Marion Billet

I Love Music Cover

I Love Music, My First Sound Book introduces your readertotz to six instruments. The ever important on/off switch allows the pig to play the recorder while the cat can play the violin. The real sounds and song bits are incredible, and the musical artists are credited. Included are Brahms and Mozart.

At readertotz, we aim to raise the profile of board books and encourage the best quality publications for first readers. Author/illustrator Marion Billet has done so with Cartwheel Scholastic's creative team. Brava! Somebody hit those drums!

I Love Music, My First Sound Book
by Marion Billet
Cartwheel, Scholastic, 2016

For the Older Sibs: Dog Man

Dog Man Cover

Dav Pilkey. Need I say more? Dav Pilkey. Captain Underpants. One of my all time favorites: Friend for Dragon, has a new series titled Dog Man. Officer Knight is tough with no brains, and Greg the dog is smart with a weak body. So, of course, the answer is to put Greg's head on Officer Knight's body following an explosion. Dog Man is the result. You'll just have to read the comic/graphic novel for yourself.

The older sibs of your totz are going to be wanting book two the sec they finish book one. I saw it coming in the catalog...Let's welcome this new breed to town!

Dog Man
by Dav Pilkey
Graphix, Scholastic, 2016