Sunday, May 29, 2022

More, more, more: Out of a Jar, Deborah Marcero

As feelings are strong, and we search for answers, meaning, and peace, Out of a Jar by Deborah Marcero might be a perfect place to begin with your readertotz. Llewellyn the bunny likes all things scary, but he does not like to be scared. Other feelings, too, can't be ignored and continue to come around, but all is well when Llewellyn discovers they can be tucked inside jars. Even pleasant feelings can be bottled. It's not until they are all released that he is able to finally feel relieved. 

This adorable bunny with long ears, who lives in a subtly patterned world, will win hearts. The fresh exploration may help your first readers to identify emotions and assist them in witnessing and expressing their feelings in healthy ways. 

by Deborah Marcero
G. P. Putnam, 2022

Sunday, May 15, 2022

My First Book of Beards, My First Book of Tattoos: Robyn Wall

Here we go with two fresh books in a series titled My Cool Family from Doubleday's author Robyn Wall and illustrator Lydia Nichols: My First Book of Beards and My First Book of Tattoos. Quick rhyme accompanies clean illustrations with a subdued palette and beautiful black, varied and expressive lines. 

My First Book of Beards describes beards via the tasks the characters are doing and transitions to physical descriptions of beards:

Merry beard
Share-y beard
Glitter princess fairy beard

My First Book of Tattoos describes the tattoo imagery and the physical expression of that choice:

Rock it tat 
Chalk it tat
Catch it, pass it, block it tat 

Both of the best beards and tats come with love for the child. What a fun addition to our shelves for first readers. Brava! 

by Robyn Wall
illustrated by Lydia Nichols
Doubleday, 2022