Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More, More, More: Ollie & Moon

I fell for this twosome as soon as I saw the cover. Diane Kredensor places her comic characters in her friend Sandra Kress' photographs of Paris in a believable and charming way.

Two cats, Ollie and Moon, are best friends. It's a perfect match in that Ollie loves to give surprises, while Moon loves to guess what they are. The two hit the Parisian streets to discover Ollie's latest surprise. From clues along the way, Moon gathers the surprise is round, musical, and colorful, with fur, hooves, feathers, and lights. For once Moon can't guess, and she is surprised! Just as your readers will be.

You have to see the joining of art and photographs in this work. It's magnificent!

Ollie & Moon
by Diane Kredensor
photos by Sandra Kress
Random House, 2011

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