Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Top Shelf: Outside Todo el Día! and Vamos, Body!

Combine the San Antonio Museum of Art, with the San Antonio Library Foundation, and Trinity University Press, and you get a fabulous series of bilingual board books for your readertotz! Along with previous titles including, Black & Blanco! and Hello, Circulos! are two new releases from the Arte Kids Series: Outside Todo el Día! and Vamos, Body! 

The collection of imagery is diverse. The spreads are full of a wide range of styles creating wonderful contrasts. Your totz will be exposed to art from the ancient world to our own time. Questions, statements, and words, in a variety of fonts, label the featured focuses in both English and Spanish. A single image concludes each book as the pacing slows and comes to a close. Backmatter identifies paintings and sculptures from each work.

This work is truly Top Shelf material. Don't miss it.

Outside Todo el Día
Vamos, Body!
Concept and Design by Madeleine Budnick
Text and Illustrations by San Antonio Museum of Art
Trinity University Press, 2017