Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Green Eggs and Ham Video Contest

GreenEggsandHam.jpg Green Eggs and Ham image by samiambfflo
Check this out! Maybe a little fun for you and your totz?

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Seuss’s classic Green Eggs and Ham Random House Children’s Books and Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P. have launched the “HAM It Up” video contest, calling for fans across the United States to channel their own Sam-I-Am and submit a video capturing their interpretation of a scene from the book. The grand prize winner will receive a $2,000 cash prize, a year’s supply of Ham I Am! products, a beautifully framed 50th Anniversary Green Eggs and Ham print, a flip camera and a Dr. Seuss library of books. Originally published in 1960, Green Eggs and Ham has sold over 13 million copies in North America.

Click the Ham It Up link for full details. Would you like them in the rain? Would you like them on a train...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Princess Baby on the Go: Karen Katz

Karen Katz's Princess Baby books are a big hit with my neighbor's 3-year-old daughter. She particularly likes this one because she can carry it around easily by the built-in 'handle'. This concept is perfect because PB is headed for Grandma's for a sleepover and she is packing a bag to 'carry' with her.

This sturdy board book has lots of big flaps, some glitter, and princess-pinkness. And there's a storyline to pull totz through the book, which I like. PB is packing her goodies, but she's looking for one special item. Although she doesn't find it at first, she does find other things to pack in locations such as under the table (lift the flap) and in a trunk (lift the flap). In the end she finds what she's looking for: her prince, a stuffed bear. This is an ending that really satisfied me. A very cute, age-appropriate book!

Princess Baby on the Go
Author-illustrator: Karen Katz
Schwartz & Wade, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

September: Community Service

Can your totz help make lunch for an older sibling headed back to school? How about a Bento Box. :~) Thanks again, Joan, for showing us Bento and thanks, bohaute, for the photo. Adorable!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pirate Potty by Samantha Berger

As promised, here's Pirate Potty!

The perfect companion for Princess Potty, pick this novelty book up for your pirate, mateys. Instead of forest creatures and sparkles, there's a black potty flying three Jolly Rogers, cannon balls, and a big x to mark the spot!

Of course, every pirate has a special sea shanty, keeps his toilet paper in his treasure chest, and announces, "Anchors away!" Right?

Author Samantha Berger just nails this presentation. Your pirate totz are going to love potty training with this book as an aid. Again, Amy Cartwright's imagery is clean and adorable whether it's a page full of little symbols or a full spread. I particularly love the mother's eye patch in the shape of a heart. And the pirate's proportions are as cute as can be.

Enjoy Pirate Potty, with your crew. Punch out the included hat and decorate it with the gold doubloon stickers for a job well done!

Pirate Potty
by Samantha Berger
illustrated by Amy Cartwright
Scholastic, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Photo Friday: Are you happy?

Lorie Ann Grover, 2010

Here's one of my recent compositions. Thought it was perfect for totz as well. Happy Photo Friday!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lunch with personality: Have you heard about Japanese Bento Boxes?

Instead of a board book this time on readertotz, we've got food for thought. I found Bento boxes for the first time recently and loved these cool food critters. I hope you will too!

Funky Lunch: Feed Your ImaginationYum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches

'O-bento' is what the Japanese call these lovingly created and packed lunches. These adorable tributes are made by parents and sent off with their children to school, to a game, etc. Some of these goodies are works of art! I would almost hate to eat them, wouldn't you? They're not only a hit in Japan, they're a big hit here in the USA these days. I have to admit I find the idea of making these elaborate-yet-simple lunches a bit overwhelming. My mom barely had enough time to put anything in our school lunch boxes when I was a girl. Still, I love the idea of creating nutritious snacks and meals that are so incredibly cute!

Just had to share. Here are some book and site links:

Cute Yummy Time
Funky Lunch
Yum Yum Bento Box (photo below)

Yum-Yum Bento Box: Fresh Recipes for Adorable Lunches
Lunch in a box
Bento Box

Friday, September 10, 2010

Photo Friday: Seniors Heart Novelty Books!

I shared Princess Potty at my mom's b-day, and it was a huge success! We giggled over text and image.

Do you heart board/novelty books? Send me a pic, and I'll post it for our community! http://readertotzdotclearwiredotnet

Thursday, September 9, 2010

September Pick for the Older Sibling: Zelda and Ivy, Keeping Secrets

If you don't know Zelda and Ivy, run out right now and read everyone of these fox sister adventures. Laura McGee Kvasnosky brilliantly captures the antics and intrigues of the older and younger sibling.

First published as picture books, Zelda and Ivy's short chapters are now featured in the reader format. Brava! Perfect! Think James Marshall. Exactly.

In Zelda and Ivy, Keeping Secrets, the duo, along with their neighbor Eugene, woozy-weasel promise to keep secrets, while younger sister Ivy gets the upper hand on April Fool's day, and all three perform a most elegant opera. It's the subtle truths that Laura weaves into her stories which ring of the best in life and bring smiles to readers. Whether how it's so hard not to tell a secret, or be a diva and steal the opera, you and your younger reader will nod and giggle over the revelations.

Painted in gouache resist, the compositions, colors, layouts, and characters will keep you turning pages for more. I definitely need the fox sisters' style. I want Zelda's leggings! Be sure to stop and appreciate the endpapers. Beautiful turquoise butterflies flutter you into and out of the story.

Enjoy Zelda and Ivy, Keeping Secrets from the Theodor Seuss Geisel Award winning author. Read it and smile. And then share it with the older sibling of your totz!

Zelda and Ivy, Keeping Secrets
by Laura McGee Kvasnosky
Candlewick Press, 2009

Monday, September 6, 2010

Princess Potty by Samantha Berger

Okay, so all our totz need this skill, and it can't be soon enough! Princess Potty by Samantha Berger, illustrated by Amy Cartwright, is new, adorable, and fun.

"Psst! Do you want to hear a secret? Even princesses use the potty!" says a little mouse. He goes on to share the peculiarities of a princess, like how she rides the royal pony to the royal throne. Of course, the toilet has sparkles, glitter, and diamonds. It smells like rose petals, for a time.

Little blue birds bring the princess soft tissue, and forest animals help her wash her hands with warm water and strawberry soap. She gets a sticker for her crown, just like your princess can with the included tiara and sticker sheet.

Amy's illustrations are pink and fun and clean, clean, clean! She makes me want to punch out the tiara for myself.

Have a little giggle and read Princess Potty with your totz. Up soon at readertotz...Pirate Potty!

Princess Potty
by Samantha Berger
illustrated by Amy Cartwright
Scholastic, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Photo Friday: Just a Little Alice

Lorie Ann Grover, 2010

Anyone ready to introduce Alice to your totz? Isn't it just a joy to think of all the characters in literature awaiting your wee one?

Happy Photo Friday!