Monday, February 8, 2016

Sing Along With Me: Yu-hsuan Huang

How adorable. Sing Along With Me! from Nosy Crow and illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang are cleverly designed and durable for your totz. The heavy, chunky pages and moveable parts will endure many readings.

Old MacDonald Had a Farm features a dog as the farmer himself. Pull tabs, turning wheels, and moveable parts can imitate the song's rhythm as the animals are described. In The Wheels on the Bus, the animals are scooting around town together thanks to the dog bus driver. Wheels turn, windshield wipers swish, and babies bounce--all through the town.

Scan the included QR code or download the song from the Nosy Crow podcast. How cool is that?

Sing Along With Me!
The Wheels on the Bus
Old MacDonald Had a Farm
illustrated by Yu-hsuan Huang
Nosy Crow, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016

Big Chickie, Little Chickie: Janee Trasler

Janee Trasler's chickies never disappoint. Big Chickie, Little Chickie is so clever. The book of opposites has surprises which will elicit giggles from your totz. It's picture time, clickety-click. In and out, whisper and shout, are opposites which proceed unexpected rhymes from adorable supporting characters: pig, cow, and sheep.

How can you not love:

Chickies here.
Chickies there.
   in their

I mean, seriously. Thanks, Janee!

Big Chickie, Little Chickie, a Book of Opposites
by Janee Trasler
HarperFestival, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Busy Baby, Friends and Trucks: Sara Gillingham

Readertotz will stay busy with Sara Gillingham's Busy Baby series. Friends and Trucks allow your little reader to explore different situations and consider ensuing feelings. A disk, which turns in the board books' middle hole, lets you say Busy Baby is happy or sad.

In Trucks, can he drive the firetruck faster? Can he load the recycling or pass out scoops of ice cream? In Friends, Busy Baby is asked to share, help clean up, and wave good-bye. The reader considers if the baby is happy or sad in each situation.

With subdued color, graphic shapes, and a print texture in the illustrations, Busy Baby will keep little fingers engaged and minds considering. How does Busy Baby feel? How would you feel?

Busy Baby Friends
Busy Baby Trucks
by Sara Gillingham
Chronicle Books, 2015

Thursday, January 7, 2016

More, more, more: Pete the Cat's Big Doodle & Draw Book

How fun to get to color and draw around Pete the Cat, right? If your totz enjoy Pete, look for his Big Doodle and Draw Book. Draw Pete boarding a train, add a smile to a frog, color his cap with cool colors. Tasks reinforce concepts: draw six strings on Pete's guitar, what doesn't belong in the fridge, match pictures with their opposite.

Add this work to your family's coloring books. Everyone will want to take a turn!

Pete the Cat's Big Doodle & Draw Book
by James Dean
HarperFestival, 2015

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lionel and Molly, Colors: Joanna Lake

Lionel and Molly, Colors is a new touch-and-feel book from little bee books. Joanna Lake's two characters explore color, weather, and texture together. Illustrated by Jess Racklyeft, with a touch of sophistication in the simplicity, text and imagery are a nice balance. The inserted textures are an added bonus for little readers' fingers.

Introduce your totz to multiple concepts with Colors. Look for more from Lionel and Molly.

Lionel and Molly, Colors
By Joanna Lake
illustrated by Jess Racklyeft
little bee books, 2015

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Shhh! this Book is Sleeping: Cedric Ramadier

Welcome, 2016! With the new year, we wish you and yours great sleep. Hopefully your readertotz are quiet through the night. This board book may be a help, at least getting everyone settled down.

Shhh! this Book is Sleeping begins with a little pink mouse encouraging the reader to be quiet. The book in hand is sleepy. It has completed all night duties, such as brushing its teeth. Warm enough, with a hug and kiss, the reader closes the last page very gently, as the book has fallen fast asleep.

Author Cedric Ramadier helps create the bedtime ritual by repeating the necessary activities and showcasing the pleasures of quieting down. Vincent Bourgeau's graphic images, with only a few shapes and lines, convey sweet simplicity as the book falls asleep.

Your totz will enjoy putting this book to sleep, before they nod off themselves. Shhh.

Shhh! this Book is Sleeping
by Cedric Ramadier
illustrated by Vincent Bourgeau
Random House, 2016

Monday, December 21, 2015

Can You Say It, Too? Jingle! Jingle! by Sebastien Braun

Can You Say It, Too? Jingle! Jingle! is a new addition to the series by Sebastien Braun. As Santa delivers gifts, he asks, "Who's that?" to the reader. Below the flaps wait reindeer, a polar bear, a bird, and a dog. Each shares his sound in the excitement. Finally Santa deposits the presents under the tree. The final spread bears two flaps, one for children who, "Giggle! Giggle!" and one for Santa as he flies away with a "Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Nosy Crow always delivers just the right fun to totz. Here is Christmas in a board book for little fingers. Happy holiday!

Can You Say It, Too? Jingle! Jingle!
by Sebastien Braun
Nosy Crow, 2015

Monday, December 14, 2015

Little Houses, A Counting Book: Helen Musselwhite

I have fallen in love with Laurence King publishers. Prepare to be wowed by their contributions for our smallest readers.

Little Houses, A Counting Book by Helen Musselwhite is a perfect example. Portraying an array of house types, your totz will enjoy the paper constructions demonstrating the featured number. Various other animals and objects are included to echo the digit as well. A final spread illustrates each of the houses alongside their number. Four additional pages present the kinds of houses from around the world that were shown, from a chalet in Switzerland to a Ndebele house in South Africa. Older sibs will enjoy the information.

This picture book has a feeling of space and room for all the houses, numbers, and creatures. The heavy pages will resist an accidental tear from your totz.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from Laurence King. Wouldn't board books be lovely?

Little Houses, A Counting Book
By Helen Musselwhite
Laurence King, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

Carry and Learn, Numbers: Sarah Ward

Why not a book you can Carry and Learn? How about Numbers and much more. With a handle at the top, just the right size for readertotz, your toddler can carry, touch-and-feel, lift-a-flap, and respond to the requested call on each page. They might stomp like one elephant, stand tall like two giraffes, and growl like three lions.

Adjectives are introduced as well: furry, wet, and spotted. Numbers are repeated for repetition and occupy the left side of every spread. Finally, readertotz are asked what is their favorite animal numbered at the zoo. The glossy paper seems especially durable, along with the raised dots on the cover which make an easy-to-grip book.

Cartwheel knows how to create for the littlest readers. I'm happy they are my publisher as well!

Big Hug for Little Cub

Carry and Learn, Numbers
Illustrated by Sarah Ward
Cartwheel Books, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Splat the Cat, Christmas Countdown: Rob Scotton

Splat the Cat Christmas Countdown is a fun touch-and-feel holiday book. Splat prepares for Santa's visit with a tree and gifts. Snuggled into bed, his hope arrives, and the next morning is full of celebration.

This familiar character brings innovative textures to the holiday with a prickly tree, a shiny package ribbon, and ultimately, Splat's own belly fur. What a fun board book for the holiday countdown!

Splat the Cat, Christmas Countdown
By Rob Scotton
HarperFestival, 2015