Wednesday, August 24, 2022

More, more, more: A Bear Far from Home: Susan Fletcher

A Bear Far From Home
is an historical incident, plus beautiful writing filled with wonder, and illustrations inspired by medieval tapestries. For the older siblings of your readertotz, Susan Fletcher's imagined recounting of a white bear finding itself relocated in England is a beautiful tribute to beginning again. As well, the door will be opened to discuss oppression, zoos, slavery, and the rights of all. The bear finds a new home; yet, it is chained and in a foreign environment. Fletcher brings the readers' empathy alongside the bear, as she imagines how it feels throughout the entire experience. 

how strange and loud and lonely
the world must have seemed 
to the bear--" 

Rebecca Green's illustrations pay homage to the time and space. The Tower of London, the King's Menagerie and King Henry III are featured. Layouts and perspectives vary and increase the emotional impact of the work. 

This exquisitely rendered book will provoke thoughts and emotions in readers. Just imagine. Let the connections rise and discussions begin!

by Susan Fletcher
illustrated by Rebecca Green
Anne Schwartz Books, 9/27/2022