Monday, February 3, 2014

Who? What? Where? When? by Leo Lionni


Obviously. I love when I find a collection of board books, and I think: obviously. Knopf has created a series that should be on the shelves. With Leo Lionni's beloved mice, totz will explore Who? What? Where? and When?

Each book begins with a question which is left unanswered, apart from the image provided. Although Who? does name the animal. I wonder why this is so? The lack of answers in the other three works may be assuring to the child that he will know and deduce correctly.

Apparently, this imagery was used in a series in 1983. The new text is provided by Nora and Louis Mannie Lionni. They hit the mark. I recommend this series. Obviously!

Who? What? Where? When?
by Nora and Louis Lionni
illustrated by Leo Lionni
Knopf, 2014

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