Monday, February 24, 2014

Can You Say It, Too? Woof! Woof! and Moo! Moo! by Sebastien Braun

Can You Say It, Too? is a simple series from Nosy Crow by Sebastien Braun. Thick pages and big flaps are designed to sustain being held in the smallest hands. Whether it's animals you might see around a  home, Woof! Woof! or farm animals, Moo! Moo!, totz will enjoy guessing who is behind the flap and making the animal sounds themselves. Cheerful, round-eyed creatures in flat bold colors and engaging and fun.

Often a hint is given for who is hiding by tails or ears protruding beyond the flaps. The final spread in both works offers a double flap to include babies. Look for these for your youngest totz. And let the woofing and mooing begin!

Can You Say It, Too? Moo! Moo!
Can You Say It, Too? Woof! Woof!
by Sebastien Braun
Nosy Crow, 2014

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