Wednesday, February 5, 2014

More, more, more: At the Same Moment Around the World

Certain books sing when you open the cover. At the Same Moment Around the World sang for me. From the elongated layout allowing for the curve of the earth, to the record of what might be happening each moment around the world, I listened and smiled. The work begins and ends at 6 am in Dakar, Senegal. Each hour is marked as the reader travels the globe. Listen:

"At the same moment,
in Baghdad, Iraq, it
is nine o'clock in the
morning, and Yasmine
plays while her mother
shops at the market."

Several pages later...

"At the same moment,
in Anadyr, Russia, it
is six o'clock in the
evening when Ivan
takes his dog for
a walk around the

The feeling of community and oneness is beautifully exemplified. The illustrations are like an edgier Brian Karas, rendered in pencil with digital color. Rich warm pages are juxtaposed against cool ones. Enjoy this work, including the fold-out world map, with the older siblings of your totz.  

At the Same Moment Around the World
by Clotilde Perrin
Chronicle Books


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