Monday, January 4, 2010

How Artists See Jr. Babies: Colleen Carroll

What a wonderful way to start the new year: celebrating the most excellent literature for your totz. I'm happy to review How Artists See Jr. Babies.

Open this work to enjoy a variety of way artists have depicted babies throughout time. From Keith Haring to Vincent Van Gogh, this work is a delight and treasure. Aside from introducing your totz to great art, you can discuss the paintings with suggested questions provided at the opening of the book.

* Is the baby outside or inside? Asleep or awake?
* Which baby looks biggest/smallest? Oldest/youngest?

Mary Cassatt, Kikugawa Eizan and others show babies at play, babies laughing, and babies sleeping. Maybe my own favorite is Gustav Klimt's Baby (Cradle) from 1917/18. Which might be your favorite?

Abbeville Press has produced this wonderful work with Colleen Carroll. Look for all the titles in the How Artists See Jr. series. Each will be based on a theme. Click here to read my review of Dogs. I strongly suggest you acquire all the titles for your family. These are mini museums ready to be explored!

How Artists See Jr. Babies

Colleen Carroll
Abbeville Press, 2008


Joan Holub said...

What a great idea. I'm glad they including the questions, which make the book especially useful as a teaching tool. Cassatt is someone I think of right away when I think of artists who paint children, but not Haring or van Gogh. How fun!

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