Monday, January 18, 2010

The Grasshopper Hopped! Elizabeth Alexander

The grasshopper is looking for home and is unfortunate enough to explore the possibilities of a soup pot, a refrigerator, and more! With each effort, your totz will be delighted by the funny circumstance caught in rhyme by Elizabeth Alexander.

" The grasshopper hopped into the sea.
'The sea is too wet and salty for me!'
The grasshopper hopped out of the sea.
The sea was no place for that fool bug to be!
Hippity-hop, hippity-hop..."

It's refreshing to follow a plot in our beloved toddler/board book genre. Your totz will feel the journey of grasshopper from start to finish.

What also really strikes me about this new work from Golden Books, is Joung Un Kim's illustrations. While maintaining child appeal, the illustrations are sophisticated layers of various patterns. A bit of random text even makes its way into a few spreads. The clean sharp edges, and negative spaces make the layout crisp and accessible. The tabs to make grasshopper hop are an added delight.

Be sure The Grasshopper Hopped! hops into your lap with your totz!

The Grasshopper Hopped!

by Elizabeth Alexander
illustrated by Joung Un Kim
Golden Books, 2010


Becky said...

I enjoyed this one too!

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Thanks for the comment, Becky!

Anonymous said...

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