Monday, January 11, 2010

Bibs and Boots: Alison Lester

A darling set of books by Alison Lester from Allen & Unwin are available to engage your totz. The charming small board books have a retro 80s feel with spot illustrations, borders, and delicate watercolors. Bibs and Boots, Happy and Sad, and Crashing and Splashing make the full collection. Bibs and Boots is my favorite of the three.

What do we wear for different activities? Your bib for "nibbles and dribbles," your best clothes for a party, and a hat for a hot day. Of course, we need our pajamas to end the book and the day itself.

The light illustrations remind me of Helen Oxenbury in a smaller format with a broader setting. Alison Lester has created over 25 picture books. The copyright on these is 1989, however, the first printing in this format was 2008. Hailing from Austraila, we tip our hat to Alison and all she's contributed to children's lit for totz!

Bibs and Boots

Alison Lester
Allen & UnwinPty Ltd, Sydney, 2008


Joan Holub said...

What a find, Lorie Ann. You inspired me to request Happy and Sad from my library. (This is the only book of the series available there.) The illustrations are so adorable.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

They are. :~)

Playing by the book said...

I've just found your via the Kidlitosphere bloggers list and am glad to have done so!
We love Alison Lester - have you read magic beach? I reviewed it here:

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