Monday, May 4, 2009

Welcome Spring: Jill Ackerman

It's the perfect to time to enjoy the season with Welcome Spring! Jill Ackerman describes the joys that a child might encounter. She might smell the flowers, hear the birds, or have raindrops land on her nose. But regardless of the experiences, the child is "safe and dry in Mommy's arms."

Nancy Davis' stylized, flat, sharp-edged imagery is captivating in it's simplicity and brilliance.

Inserted textiles add dimension to the work as well. Satin flowers, silver smooth rain, and plastic rain boots are fun to touch. An additional flap reveals the child and mother happy under the red umbrella. Be sure to note that the rain and sun cause the tulips to open and the butterflies to appear.

Welcome spring with your readertotz!

Welcome Spring
by Jill Ackerman
Illustrated by Nancy Davis
Design by Pamela Notarantonio
Scholastic, 2008


sweetmelissa818 said...

I love this book! I bought it for my one year old at the kids' book fair and it's so cute! Both of my daughters love these Scholastic books with the colors and textures! They're great books for little ones!

Joan Holub said...

Looks adorable, Lorie Ann! You're always finding books I haven't seen yet.

And since it's raining here today, I can relate to this one!