Monday, May 18, 2009

Noisy Peekaboo! Baa! Baa! Dawn Sirett

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Get ready for flaps, large spreads, and farm noises in Noisy Peekaboo! Baa! Baa! Your readertotz will be lifting the flaps looking for the adorable stuffed animals behind rugs, bags, and buckets. Every left side of the spread features a beautiful toddler, with several ethnicities represented. The right side contains the flaps and sounds set in vibrant color.

The only disappointment is that the book is just five pages. The thick conclusion houses the sound mechanisms. However, with three to four flaps per spread, your reader will be kept busy. Check out Noisy Peekaboo! Baa! Baa! and join the barnyard fun.

Noisy Peekaboo! Baa! Baa!

by Dawn Sirett
Designed by Rachael Parfitt
DK, 2009

~Lorie Ann

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Joan Holub said...

This is cute and it's one I hadn't seen. Thanks for sharing it, Lorie Ann!