Thursday, May 21, 2009

For the Older Sibling: Higher! Higher!

YAY! *running around the room* Leslie Patricelli has a new picture book! Higher! Higher! is spot on perfect for the older sibling of your readertotz and your totz themselves!

A little girl and her father go to the park to swing. "Higher! Higher!" she calls as the father faithfully pushes her. She soars higher than the giraffe in the zoo, buildings, mountains, planes, into outer space where she waves at a passing monkey in a rocket ship and greets an alien on a swing. "Hi!" Then it's back, back down to earth and the arms of her father, so she can shout, "Again!"

True to a child's experience and imagination, this work will resonate with your readers. Leslie's colors and shapes are in keeping with her well-loved board books. It's such a treat to sink into the textures with the larger format. The canvas shows through beautifully. What a great effect for the glow of the earth, the stars, and even the little girl's face. Be sure to spot Baby in the plane. And take a moment to appreciate and enjoy the hand lettering.

Pick up Higher! Higher! and then hit the swings!

Higher! Higher!
by Leslie Paricelli
Candlewick Press, 2009

~Lorie Ann


Joan Holub said...

Such a cute book! Her board books are adorable, too. Yummy Yucky is a longtime favorite of mine. Thanks for sharing this one, Lorie Ann! :o)

Swati said...

Well that one is sure going to resonate with my little one who always wants to go 'higher, higher!' The art work looks promising too.

Karen said...

This one describes a lot of our park life right now. It looks very appropriate for my 4.5 year old and almost 3 year old. They yell mostly for "underdogs" and "underducks" (my husband and I have different names for it).

Our oldest wants to learn to swing by himself, sort of, but he also likes us pushing him as high as he can possibly go.