Monday, February 23, 2009

Maisy's Fire Engine: Lucy Cousins


My girls and I have always been a huge fan of Lucy Cousins. In fact, I may have to dig out our all time fav to review soon. But, Maisy's Fire Engine recently came to my attention, and I wanted to share it first.

So, yes, boys love books about transportation. Girls may also find an interest in books about vehicles. But why not combine a book about a fire engine with an emotional story? This is exactly what Lucy has done! All totz will be engaged. Best of all, Maisy is at the wheel. Girl power!

As Maisy and Cyril check the fire engine, Little Black Cat is scared and flees to the roof of a nearby house. Through the fire fighters help, there's a rescue and then a fun ride together. All the action occurs in eight full bleed spreads.

With her trademark bright, flat colors and heavy black outlines, Lucy tells a simple compelling story for your readertotz. I'm a great lover of her simple lettering and bold backgrounds.

Maisy's Fire Engine

Inside Story

Check out The Maisy Fun Club for great activities with Maisy!

Maisy's Fire Engine
Lucy Cousins
Candlewick Press, 2002


Lorie Ann Grover said...

I love seeing this book on our site. The colors are so cheery!

Little Willow said...

I'm not a big Maisy fan, but I approve of the Little Black Cat! :)

Joan Holub said...

LOVE Maisie!!! Great pick, Lorie Ann.