Monday, February 16, 2009

Jamie Harper: Yum Yum, Baby Bundt

Big sister and Baby Bundt are an appealing duo in Yum Yum, Baby Bundt, a sturdy new board book that's billed as a "Recipe for Mealtime." Its first two pages offer a list of ingredients for baby's lunch beginning with: "1 hungry Baby Bundt; 1 bib, washable; 1 high chair; Handful of toys; 1 plastic plate; 1/2 cup noodles with sauce;" and so on. I think this is an interesting format. When I was little, I loved make-and-do activities with steps to follow, and this is somewhat like that in concept.

This felt like a story the big sister was telling rather than a story told by an adult, something I appreciated. The interaction between Big Sis and Baby as she helps with feeding is light-hearted fun, and Sis often gets creative as shown in the illustration below.

Yum Yum may very well prompt your totz into offering to help with a younger sibling's feeding time.

Inside Scoop
A former pastry chef, Jamie Harper is obsessed with scrapbooking, as you can see at her blog. If you're like me and have a fascination with seeing the workplaces of authors and illustrators, you'll enjoy Jamie's photos and notes about her studio and how she works.

Yum Yum, Baby Bundt
Jamie Harper, author-illustrator
Candlewick Press, 2009

~ Joan Holub, author/illustrator


Lorie Ann Grover said...

Thanks, Joan! I just read this work and enjoyed the retro feel to the illustrations.

Joan Holub said...

Hi Lorie Ann!

The retro style and colors of the illustrations were what initially attracted me to the book. I like that the style has a contemporary edge to it as well.

Jimbo said...

A bit off topic, but have you read "Lemon the Duck"? (ASIN: 1897073747, ISBN-10: 1897073747, ISBN-13: 978-1897073742). It is a truly heartwarming story about children's love conquering physical challenges!

Also, I left a comment about "Mzee's Secret" at:

When you see the "secret", it will amaze you! (search the blog for "mzee")


Anonymous said...



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