Sunday, December 16, 2012

Polar Bear Night: Lauren Thompson

Polar Bear Night

Don't you love when the perfect picture book is released in a board book format, and it reads so well? The awarded Polar Bear Night is that book!

Lauren Thompson's text is elegant and poetic while Stephen Savage's lino cuts are brilliantly refined. The textures brought to the story enrich the tale.

When "the night is keen and cold," a baby polar bear is called out of the den, away from the sleeping mother. While the walrus, seals, and whales sleep, as well, the baby and moon watch the stars begin to fall, lighting up the world.

This could be my favorite board book of the year. Text and imagery will light up your heart. Thank you, Cartwheel. Bravo!

Polar Bear Night
by Lauren Thompson
illustrated by Stephen Savage
Scholastic, Cartwheel Books, 1/1/13

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Joan Holub said...

Wow! With a recommendation like this from you, I will definitely hunt this one down for a look. Love the cover.