Sunday, December 23, 2012

Goose Needs A Hug by Tad Hills

 Goose Needs A Hug opens with Tad Hills’ familiar Goose character announcing to his friends:

I’m feeling sad.
I think I need –

Without waiting for Goose to explain what he needs, his friends jump in with suggestions that they hope will cheer him up. Normally, a game of hide and seek or splashing in puddles might be just the ticket to make Goose feel better. But in the end, Goose becomes a little frustrated, insisting:


Finally his friends listen. And once they understand, they give him just what he needs--a hug. And that's something we can all use now and then. The idea that totz should be comfortable asking for a hug when they need one is a lovely one to reinforce, and I hope totz will grow up knowing that they can always ask dear friends for a hug even when they're grown up!

With pages of 6x6.5 inch sturdy-cardboard and simple, colorful pages with a population of sympathetic childlike characters who fill much of each page, this board book will stand up to many re-readings and occasional unsanctioned tastings by totz.

Goose Needs A Hug
Author-illustrator: Tad Hills
Schwartz & Wade, 2013

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Lorie Ann Grover said...

I loved this sweet book, Joan!