Sunday, December 9, 2012

BOB and 6 more Christmas Stories: Sandra Boynton

This is a true board book with small, sturdy pages. What makes its form different from a typical board book is that the seven stories (BOB plus 6 more) are made easy to find by tabs on the right.

I’m a Sandra Boynton fan, and this book does not disappoint. It begins with:


I have a tiny reindeer.
He says his name is Bob.
He likes to enterain me.
He says it is his job.

(To the very end of this two-page tale, the narrator still believes Bob is real, despite his sister’s nay-saying.)

The seventh story is actually a song. Christmas Lullaby comes with accompanying 1-page sheet music, in case you want to play it with your tot. This one is soft and sweet. The third and final stanza:

Good night, my little present,
and always peace to you.
I’ve nothing more to ask for—
You are my wish come true,
Oh, you are my wish come true.

A fun and lovely book sure to please parents and totz!

Author-illustrator: Sandra Boynton

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