Friday, January 13, 2012

Poetry Friday: Thirteen O'Clock

Thirteen O'Clock

How about the unexpected for a winter Poetry Friday? Take a look at James Stimson's Thirteen O'Clock. Rendered in haunting, mysterious pencil, James shares what happens in a small girl's fairly normal home when her clock strikes thirteen. A Fright, and a Thing, four ghosts and an elf are among those who crawl out of the clock and creep toward the girl's room. Delightfully, they end up frightened of her until they realize she is a friend.

Here's an excerpt for fun. Happy Poetry Friday, the thirteenth!

Open the door with a squeeeeky hinge,
it's time for mischievous things!
Sneaky, sneaky,
spooky and freaky,
on the count of (none other than) thirteen
the monsterous mischief begins!

Thirteen O'Clock
by James Stimson
Chronicle Books, 2005


Joan Holub said...

I picked this up at the library after reading your post. Beautiful, memorable art!!!

Mary Lee said...

Perfect pick for Friday the 13th!!