Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More, More, More: Nicholas and the Gang

How lovely that the Nicholas series is back in print and available to us! Originally published in the 60's in France, Nicholas remains hilarious. The older siblings of your readertotz will get such a kick out of the antics of this passel of boys. Like Junie B. Jones, the reader realizes more than the characters. The conclusion of every chapter lands on a funny bone, never appreciated by Nicholas or his gang. Settings are varied including the school room, the new bookstore, and the vacant lot. Oh, the fun to be had! There is certain to be a row, which is considered the great part of the day.

I particularly enjoyed the appearance of Mary Jane. Neighbor to Nicholas, she has the gang around her finger. While they are completely unaware, of course.

Look for more of author Rene Goscinny's works which are currently available: Nicholas, Nicholas Again, Nicholas on Vacation, and Nicholas in Trouble. Jean-Jacques Sempe's illustrations further add to the humor. Spot imagery or half-spread illustrations fill the works and propel the stories forward. They are masterful.

As The Guardian says about Nicholas, "Lovable, naive and very French. Nicholas is timeless."

Nicholas and the Gang
by Rene Goscinny
illustrated by Jean-Jacques Sempe
Phaidon Press

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