Monday, July 25, 2011

Pat the Bunny: Peekaboo, Bunny!

Peekaboo, Bunny! (Pat the Bunny)

If you and your totz can't get enough of patting that adorable first board book bunny, look for Peekaboo, Bunny! With illustrations in keeping with the original Pat the Bunny, your totz are challenged to find Bunny's friends beneath flaps. Where is Squeak, Teddy, and Cat? Each spread offers three flap possibilities for surprise and memory exercise on further readings.

It's so fun to revisit Bunny. And of course you must look for him/her on the last spread. Where is Bunny? He's hiding because he loves to play peek-a-boo with you! (Hm. Is Bunny a male or female?)

Peekaboo, Bunny!
Golden Books, 2009

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