Monday, July 18, 2011

Busy Elephants: John Schindel and Martin Harvey

This 16 page board book is the 14th in the Busy Book collection. Busy Elephants shows elephants engaging in their everyday activities in their natural habitat. There aren't enough wildlife photography books like this for totz, so I'm happy to welcome this one onto my shelves. From a two-page spread:

Elephants splashing
Elephants dashing

The real-life photographs, action verbs, and rhyming text are a delight. Made of sturdy board and glossy photos, its , 7 x 5 inch size makes it perfect for small hands. It's a self-described "elephantastic romp" that I think totz will enjoy.

Busy Elephants
Author: John Schindel
Photographs: Martin Harvey 
Tricycle Press, 2011

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Lorie Ann Grover said...

I LOVE the Busy Series. Thanks, Joan!