Monday, July 11, 2011

Let's Look at Dinosaurs: Frances Barry

Is that not the cutest dinosaur ever? I was immediately charmed by Let's Look at Dinosaurs.

In a larger format, likely qualifying as a picture book, Frances Barry presents collaged dinosaurs with flaps, to emphasize the featured dinosaurs' unique qualities. However, the pages are thick, and the flaps are durable, so I think little hands will enjoy this as well as a board book.

Frances presents a question on each page.
"I wonder why triceratops has such a large bony frill."

And then an answer is given.
"The frill might have been used to scare off predators."

An additional fact, in small print, for older siblings follows.
"Scientists are still studying how triceratops might have used his tail."

The dinosaurs are made of flat shapes with adorable black-spotted eyes. Even the Tyrannosaurus is endearing with his fierceness.

End papers offer pronunciation, a final fact, and a silhouette of a child for size. Find Let's Look at Dinosaurs for your future paleontolongist. And flip the flap for a munch, crunch, and roar!

Let's Look at Dinosaurs
by Frances Barry
Candlewick Press, 2011

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