Monday, June 29, 2009

Slippers: Maisie Munro and Jenny Hale

I just received a set of adorable books from Little Hare of Australia. Slippers, Boots, and Shoes make a sweet collection of board books about foot apparel.

Maisie Munro's spare text is carefully chosen to create sensory action: creeping softly, toes to snuggle, slipping and sliding. Your totz will quickly memorize the wonderful words.

Maisie's stories are paired with Jenny Hale's art. I love the uneven thick black line, simple compositions, and color choices. The books are shaped and the first pages are in the form of the object discussed with added texture. A different main character and four sidekicks in each work demonstrate the use of the featured shoe, but it is the sidekicks who show non-traditional uses in the final spread. The humorous beat will be appreciated by your totz.

Check out these works and what Little Hare is adding to the board book market!

Slippers, Boots, Shoes
by Maisie Munro
illustrated by Jenny Hale
Little Hare, 2008

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