Monday, June 22, 2009

My First Signs: Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert

Photos of babies, totz, and adults illustrate four simple signs on each spread in My First Signs.
This is a true board with with sturdy, glossy cardboard pages, yet also includes an unusual feature--the seven tabs on the right edge, which offer visual cues to help totz locate specific signs. Some of the signs introduced include: DADDY, PHONE, BALL, MORE, MOMMY, and DRINK.

This is part of a series called Signing Smart, which is described as:
*the first interactive baby signing book series designed to expand your child's signed and spoken vocabulary.
*developed by experts in the field and cofounders of the Signing Smart international playclass program.
*full of tips and tools to playfully engage your child in reading, signing, and speaking.

Instructions on each spread and in the back of the book will guide parents in introducing the signs to their babies and totz:
*Use these signs in your everyday life, talking about the LIGHTS on the toy, or commenting how you are ALL-DONE with the tickle game, or noticing that the balloon looks like a BALL.

Happy signing!

My First Signs
Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert, authors
Scholastic, 2009

~ reviewed by Joan Holub, author


Cassie said...

This looks like a neat book. My twins do some sign language... the basics, "more", "thank you", etc.

Cassie said...

I knew I was going to say something else and I just remembered. The part about using all done for the tickle game reminded me of when my toddler was in the hospital and they were doing some procedure; she kept crying and doing that sign. I was so proud of her and broken hearted at the same time.