Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More, More, More! If I Could, Susan Milord

Joan and I are receiving wonderful works from publishers. Of course there are far more picture books being printed than board books. To share the very best, occasionally, we'll offer a review titled "More, More, More!" as Vera Williams so eloquently put it. We still remain a board book blog. But this will keep our content fresh!

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The revised edition of If I Could by Susan Milord and illustrated by Christopher Denise came to my attention. It's absolutely dear. The original cover is above and the revised is below. I prefer the revised! It's bright and active.

On one ordinary day, a raccoon mother and child share their wishes for each other. Each endearment could be spoken by either character.

"If I could,
I'd rouse the sun
and make it shine
till day is done."

The lasting note is:

"I couldn't love you
more than I do.
But if I could,
I would."

With delightful layered illustrations in acrylic and charcoal, your heart will be stirred along with your totz'.

If I Could
by Susan Milord, illustrated by Christopher Denise
Candlewick, 2009, revised

~Lorie Ann Grover

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Joan Holub said...

This is such a sweet book. Thanks for sharing it Lorie Ann!