Monday, April 6, 2009

I Can Eat a Rainbow: Annabel Karmel

When I pick up a DK book, I'm always hoping for those amazing layouts filled with photos of beautiful items and imagery. Sure enough, I Can Eat a Rainbow by Annabel Karmel did not disappoint me!

Each page is a different color filled with fruits and vegetables that will delight your totz. Included are photos of animals constructed from the featured foods on each spread. The purple elephant is made from a red cabbage, beets, and an eggplant. The white sheep is made from cauliflower, onions, and a potato.

Eyes are added to random food items along with numbers, dotted lines, and bold and regular fonts. Occasional food facts are included. How can fruits and veggies be so fun? With Annabel's creativity, that's for certain.

You can look forward to a first page devoted to parents with activities and helpful tips. Even that material is displayed attractively for totz' interest.

Annabel is a leading children's food expert. Check out her website and look for her Mom and Me Cookbook and Toddler Cookbook. I'll most likely be reviewing them as well, soon!

I Can Eat A Rainbow
Annabel Karmel
DK, 2009

~Lorie Ann

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Joan Holub said...

I'm a huge fan of non-fiction blended with humor or treated in an unusual, eyecatching way, so this book is very intriguing to me. Thanks for sharing it. The clean, clear format of DK books is always so appealing.

I love the idea of a toddler cookbook. Looking forward to your thoughts on that one, Lorie Ann!