Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beware the Tickle Monster! Craig Yoe and Aaron Zenz

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Get ready for giggles and wiggles as you sit down to read Beware the Tickle Monster! with your totz!

Author Craig Yoe encourages the reader not to be worried about cyclops, dragons, or trolls. Do be worried about the "four-eyed, three-horned, little, furry tickle monster!" With alliteration and assonance that build, your child will be anticipating that last spread where he "gets you!"

Aaron Zenz does a wonderful job creating these characters in a way that they remain playful and fun, rather than frightening. This is not an easy task! The softer palatte and round shapes help achieve this end, as well as the delicate hatching and cross hatching.

Each page presents a parent and child monster. The center spread of the boogiemen is just hilarious!

The added feature of a hole cut through the entire book takes the interactivity to another level. You and your totz can wiggle your fingers though the holes and see how your additions become dragon tails, monster horns, or things that might come out of a boogeyman's nose!

Beware the Tickle Monster! is a fun read that will be requested again and again. Check out this most excellent review by Aaron's children.

Beware the Tickle Monster
by Craig Yoe
illustrated by Aaron Zenz
Running Press, 2009

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