Sunday, March 8, 2009

Roly Poly Ocean: Kees Moerbeek

The flash bounced! It says Child's Play. Forgive the photos, but I couldn't find imagery on the web. Once I describe this work, you'll understand. Consult their website for purchase!

A book in a box? A Roly Poly Ocean? I was delighted to unroll this work!

Roly Poly Ocean simply unfolds over and over into one long showcase. Your totz will encounter an ocean, from surface to floor.

"Watch out for Crab's claws!
Manta Ray soars silently."

Kees Moerbeek's paper engineering is so well done and should withstand many unfoldings and foldings. With clean vibrant colors that pop, especially the red octopus, and your own adventure in a submarine, everyone will be engaged. No one has been able to walk past it without investigation in my house.

I wonder if the entire open work could be mounted on a wall? This book will probably end up hanging in my teen's room. In conclusion, beware of the big bite at the end! There's always a shark, right? Doodoo, doodoo. Doodoo, doodoo.

Roly Poly Ocean

Kees Moerbeek

Child's Play, 2008


Joan Holub said...

How cool!

I went to two bookstores over the weekend and perused the children's departments thoroughly, but didn't see this. I wonder if I simply missed it because it wasn't open to reveal this dramatic interior! Thanks for this, Lorie Ann. And you're right, there's always a shark. doodoo

Joan Holub said...

PS I'm looking forward to your blog of your older sibling pick, North of Beautiful!