Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Nose to Baby Toes: Vicky Ceelen

A photo-illustrated board book has to be really exceptional to grab my attention. I usually expect to find them from DK, so I was delighted to find Baby Nose to Baby Toes from Random House.

What is it that popped this work for me? Certainly the charming photos that compare babies to animals. Who can resist the tippy-top of a baby's head or a duckling's? Or the:

"Wrinkly, crinkly,
saggy, baggy,"

behinds of a baby and elephant! The pastel colors that frame both color and black and white photos are appealing. The varying viewpoints continue interest. How encouraging that both author and publisher were confident to include the photo of a baby nursing. It's refreshing to see truth shared without embarrassment.

But the text also enriches this work. From near-rhyme, to rhyme, to repetition, the ear is engaged as much as the eye.

Enjoy Vicky's contribution with your totz! You will ooooooo and ahhhhhh and have much to discuss together!

Baby Nose to Baby Toes

by Vicky Ceelen
Random House, 2009


Joan Holub said...

I have this book, and I enjoy the photo comparisons. Cute! Thanks for sharing it, Lorie Ann!

Cassie said...

Just found this blog on the Pierce County Library's website. Got it bookmarked! Thanks!