Friday, February 26, 2016

Poetry Friday: In the Land of Words

With the paperback edition of In the Land of Words, compiled in 2004, you can celebrate Poetry Friday with Coretta Scott King Award Winner Eloise Greenfield. The accompanying fabric illustrations by Jan Spivey Gilchrist, another Coretta Scott King Award Winner, are layered and stitched with exuberance.

I particularly enjoyed the backstory Eloise included for her poems in Part One. Happy Poetry Friday to all!

I Go to the Land

I go to the land of words,
for I am at home there,
and never leave
for long. My thirst
pushes me through
the open door.
The more I drink
of the falling water,
the more I know.
I drink. I think.
I grow.

by Eloise Greenfield
illustrations by Jan Spivey Gilchrist
Armistad, 2016

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