Monday, February 29, 2016

Big Kid Power: Maria van Lieshout

It's all about empowerment in the Big Kid Power series from Chronicle Books. Bye-Bye Binky and I Use the Potty help your totz on their journeys to independence.

Rehearsing the past, how diapers and a binky were helpful when they were babies, the protagonists show how they've abandoned both for better ways. Instead of a binky, one can ask for a hug. Instead of diapers, one can wear underwear.

Illustrations have a comic feel with limited color and small dots used for shadows. Both works have saturated color making the books pop from the shelf and in your hand. The above illustrations don't capture the neon color.

This a great series by Maria van Lieshout. We'll be watching for more!

Bye-Bye Binky
I Use the Potty
by Maria van Lieshout
Chronicle Books, 2016

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