Thursday, September 11, 2014

Poetry Friday Classic: Singing, by Mary Blair

Here's a classic from Mary Blair's The Golden Book of Little Verses for Poetry Friday. Enjoy with your "young and round" readertotz.


When baby birds
Are round and young
Their thoughts like little
Chirps are sung.

And singing has
A bird-like sound
When boys and girls
Are young and round.

The Golden Book of Little Verses
by Mary Blair
Golden Books, 1953


Julie said...

Love the reversal at the end! "Simple" like this is an art, not at all easy. thanks for posting it,

Mary Lee said...

I agree with Julie. This is a poem to study alongside Laura Shovan's post this week on rhyme!

Donna Smith said...

Hadn't heard that one. I like it... I like "round and young", to "young and round", with the comparison of baby birds to children's song. Thanks for sharing it.

Susan Taylor Brown said...

Oh this is, as Julie said, a wonderful example of how beautiful a "simple" poem can be. And those of us who write know how hard writing simply really is!

thank you for sharing.

GatheringBooks said...

So timeless, these beautiful poems. :)