Thursday, January 30, 2014

More, More, More: Paul Meets Bernadette

Paul Meets Bernadette

Paul circled the fish bowl, round and round, until Bernadette joined him. She pointed out the whole wide world. She shows him a boat, a forest, a cactus, and a lady's dress. (a banana, a flower arrangement, a clock, and a newspaper) To Bernadette, the teapot is an elephant, eyeglasses are a butterfly, and a spoon is a fish. With her explanations, Paul no longer swims in circles. "Now Paul goes around Bernadette."

This book is so subtle and dear. While at the same time, the older siblings will laugh at Bernadette's ideas. There's much to discuss as you read and absorb Rosy Lamb's words and paintings. How refreshing to see paintings! These were created while her daughter slept beside her.

Publishers Weekly gave the picture book a starred review and said, "Her sly approach to the way that love and friendship can alter one’s very view of life welcomes repeat visits."

Paul Meets Bernadette
by Rosy Lamb
Candlewick Press, 2013

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