Monday, April 2, 2012

Yumi and Aoki: Annelore Parot

My most adorable recommend today is the Kokeshi series from Chronicle. The cuteness combined with the rich presentation are irresistible!

With art and text by Annelore Parot, your totz can follow Yumi on the way to a party and Aoki as she visits Tokyo. The flaps are inventive and fun. Totz will help the Kokeshi, little wooden dolls, choose a kimono, help the kites blow in the wind, and visit favorite stores.

There's an air of sophistication to this collection while it remains accessible. Every detail is designed beautifully, from the padded cover with applique stitching to the endpapers covered in joy.

Watch the video for interior imagery. Before you know it, you'll be going Kokeshi crazy, too!

Grab the headband, room sign, or thank you!

Aoki and Yumi
by Annelre Parot
Chronicle Books, April 2012

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