Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More, More, More: There Are No Cats in This Book

There Are No Cats in This Book is Viviane Schwarz' title. No cats. But wait. When you open the book you find the cats are present. They are trying to go on vacation, but they need your readers' help. They can't push themselves out, or jump from the book. Rather, they need your imagination. That said, they'll send a postcard, and if you wait around long enough, they may return...with a few friends. But the title stands: There Are No Cats in This Book.

Your readers are going to love the exuberant line, fold out portions, and the collage used to make this fun book. Certainly a giggle will call for another reading. Well done, Viviane!

Be sure to check out her first work: There Are Cats in This Book. :~)

There Are No Cats in This Book
by Viviane Schwarz
Candlewick Press, 2010

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