Friday, October 14, 2011

Poetry Friday: October, For the Older Sibling

Aha! I'm combining Poetry Friday with the recommend for the Older Sibling of your totz. It's a perfect fit.

Chirchir is Singing is a quiet, beautiful book full of poetry, suspense, and assurance of one's worth. I was charmed to enter Africa and was captivated by Kelly Cunnane's text. Jude Daly's illustrations are sparse and open, hinting at the vast spaces Chirchir inhabits.

Listen to the opening spread:

"High in Africa,
wind like a cat paw
wipes the sky clean.
Chirchir, Born Quickly, is singing.

Jambo! Hello! Day is growing tall.
Wake up to green sunlight and rooster's call!
"I'm going to help Mama today," Chirchir announces to Rooster,
whose feathers shimmer like fire.
And away she runs."

The language sustains as we enter Chirchir's daily work in Kenya. Share this exquisite work with the older siblings of your totz. And enjoy Poetry Friday!

Chirchir is Singing
by Kelly Cunnane
illustrated by Jude Daly
Schwartz & Wade Books, 2011

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