Monday, October 3, 2011

Guess How Much I Love You, the Pop-Up Edition

I always rejoice when a book reaches its perfect format. The classic Guess How Much I Love You has been released as a pop-up, and it's perfect.

If you wonder how Sam McBratney's text and Anita Jeram's illustrations could be any better, then you must see them combined with Corina Fletcher's paper engineering. The pop-ups further illustrate the story, which is what gives them greater meaning. Little Nutbrown Hare holds onto Big Nutbrown Hare's ear; the latter's arms truly are long and extend widely, and reach clear out of the book to illustrate love.

Two complete scenes unfold at the book's conclusion. One enables you to help Big Nutbrown Hare to kiss Little Nutbrown Hare goodnight. Exquisite.

Big Nutbrown Hare still has the last word, which must ultimately be a comfort to totz. Although, I always did have a pang reading this work. I wanted Little Nutbrown Hare to win the exchange. So maybe, Big Nutbrown Hare whispers his last phrase, after Little Nutbrown Hare is asleep. That may be just my choice. You?

Guess How Much I Love You, 
the Pop-Up Edition
by Sam McBratney
illustrated by Anita Jeram
engineered by Corina Fletcher
Candlewick Press, 2011

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Joan Holub said...

I got a copy, too. It's beautiful!