Thursday, September 29, 2011

For the Older Sibling: A Zeal of Zebras

I love a picture book with a strong graphic presentation. A Zeal of Zebras from Woop Studios offers that exquisitely!

A collection of collective nouns to illustrate the alphabet and animal kingdom awaits you in this beauty from Chronicle. Each spread presents the noun, facts about the featured animal with spot illustrations, and then a half spread of the collective noun, the letter, and animals grouped in mass.

I find the language evocative of the animals: an aurora of polar bears, a galaxy of starfish, a kaleidoscope of butterflies, and an ostentation of peacocks. While others are completely familiar: a family of porcupines, a hum of bees, and a nest of crocodiles. Some are completely surprising: an embarrassment of pandas, an implausibility of gnus, and a troubling of goldfish.

Outshining even the expressive text and animal facts is the imagery offered, in what really reads as a collection of fine art posters. The line, flat shapes, compositions, and textures are incredibly rich and engaging.

I heartily recommend A Zeal of Zebras for the older sibling of your totz, and your totz, as well. You'll even find yourself sharing this work with your own friends. Definitely, one of my top books for the year!

A Zeal of Zebras
by Woop Studios
Chronicle Books, 2011

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Joan Holub said...

I agree. I'm drawn to strong graphics in all books, and it's fun to see in this one. Great cover!