Monday, August 29, 2011

Baby Animals in the Forest

I wanted to share another Kingfisher Baby Animal title in their lovely series. This one is called Baby Animals in the Forest. As a collaborative project, the creative text, photographic imagery, expressive font, and bold flat color make this addition to the Baby Animal series a must have for totz animal enthusiasts.

Be introduced to the baby fox, rabbit, and even a boar. Imitate their sounds as you read short facts and action words.

I am a young fawn with spotted fur. When I grow up, the spots will disappear! Bleat bleat!"

Spots are added to "spotted" and the word "disappear" is faint. There is much interaction in this little book of precious baby animals. Enjoy it with your readertotz!

Baby Animals in the Forest
Kingfisher, 2011

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